Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Meetings / Events

Q: When are meetings held?

A: General Meetings are typically held on a bi-weekly basis. General meetings take place on Thursdays during University Hour (12:20pm - 1:15pm). Please refer to the Google Calendar and our Events page for more information and updates.

Q: Are meetings mandatory? 

A: General Meetings are highly encouraged for members to attend, as they offer you an opportunity to connect with fellow members on campus. If a meeting is determined to be mandatory, it shall be listed as such and you will receive proper notification. During General Meetings, we also discuss club business, upcoming events, and vote on proposals. Members who are not present will not have their vote accounted for. 

Q: What is the difference between a meeting and event?

A:  A meeting typically refers to General Meetings, or any meeting where club business is discussed. An event refers to any conjugation that has been advertised and may have required funding to organize. Examples of events are mixers, guest speakers, field trips, etc.

Q: Can I attend all events if I'm not a IEEE Student Member? (The membership that costs $32)

A: There will be certain events where only IEEE Student Members can attend and they will be advertised as such. Most of our events are open to all unless posted otherwise.

Q: Where to check for updates on events?

A: Please refer to the events section on our website, BaySync, and the Discord.

Questions About Membership

Q: Are there any discount codes to become a member?

A: In the past, there has been discount codes for the membership. Currently, there are NO active promo codes. Will update and make announcements if a promo code becomes available.

Q: What are the benefits of being a IEEE Student Member?

A:  Check out our Join page.

Questions About Club Involvement

Q: How can I become an officer?

A: In order to become an officer, you must be elected by the members of the club for the position. An election is held for all five officer positions.

Q: When are officer elections typically held?

A: Officer elections typically occur during Mid-Spring Semester (February - March). This is so the newly elected officers have an opportunity to work with the current officers in their position, and have the summer to plan out the upcoming year.

Q: What qualifications do I need to become an officer?

A: In order to become an officer, you must be in good academic standing (GPA: +2.0) and not be on academic probation. You must be a full time student (12+ Credits / Semester). You should ensure you will be attending CSUEB for another year. 

Q: Can I volunteer for the IEEE club?

A: Volunteers are usually needed for big events that we hold on campus. During the general meetings or via announcement, we will ask for volunteers if we need help for an event.

More Questions

Q: What other clubs similar to IEEE can I join on campus?

A: The following are a list of clubs at CSUEB that have a focus on CS, Engineering, tech, and professional development:

To join these clubs, please look them up on BaySync and contact their leadership, or email us for help!

Q: Can I put IEEE on my resume?

A: In order to get the most out of the IEEE club, we highly recommend you to regularly participate in meetings and events. We especially encourage you to take on leadership and volunteer roles in the club. These roles will stand out on a resume as leadership experience beyond your technical knowledge. To those not interested in leadership roles, we recommend listing IEEE under a club/organization section of your resume as a "General Member".

Q: Do we work with other school's IEEE Branch?

A: We try our best 😔.

Q: I would like to host a workshop / talk with IEEE.

A: Please contact us at