Advancing Technology For Humanity

Welcome to the IEEE CSUEB Club!


We regularly host events and meetings for CSUEB students! Events include mixers, hackathons, guest speakers, field-trips, and more!


We love to work with our hands! We regularly hold soldering events, where you get to practice your soldering skills creating a variety of projects. These include FM Radios, Christmas trees, desk lights, and more! 

24 Hour Coding Competitions

We host the annual IEEEXtreme coding competition, which is a 24-hour coding competition where you compete in teams of 3 against members from all around the world!

Professional Development

By becoming a member of the IEEE CSUEB club, you become part of a community of fellow IEEE members with similar career goals and aspirations. The IEEE CSUEB club regularly hosts professional development events, such as resume workshops, guest speakers from industry, and more!